On October 1st, 2015  I released my second full-length album, "The Quiet Hours."  I wrote, performed, recorded and mixed the album myself. The album was released digitally, as well on cassette tape. A bit more somber in tone and concept, the album is the culmination of nearly two years of grief, mourning and writing. "The Quiet Hours" is a meditation on grieving and the transformative nature of grief. But at its simplest, it's a eulogy for my mother who passed away in 2014. 

Sonically speaking, this is not an elegiac album. The layers are rich and complex and pulsing with intricate dynamics. But the beats, glitches, and effects do not serve so much to generate movement as to create a sense of friction and distraction as if to remind us that while negotiating the transformative stages of grieving, life is noisily and relentlessly moving forward. There is a distinct narrative and a sense of purpose, of searching, and of striving. In other words, it seems to be more of a chronicle of one navigating their way through a personal journey as opposed to a simple emotional catharsis or melancholic reminiscence.

With The Quiet Hours, Volutes has presented us with a sophisticated record that is daringly experimental but highly listenable and which fully engages our intellect while still managing to tug on our hearts.
— Stationary Travels, reviewing "The Quiet Hours"

There is also an essay about the process of creating the album, which can be read here. 

The cover art was created by Modeseventyeight. Creative direction by Christina Dennaoui.